AI Dominates Video Production:

It’s 2024 and AI is killing it in generating video content. In fact, according to 10% of all internet is AI generated.

How much of that is video? Well not much but it’s going to be a lot in the years to come.

Right now, in 2024, video makes up 82.5% of all internet content so this must mean video editors are busier than ever, right?

The answer is a resounding YES. And even tough AI can, and seems at face value, that it was built to help out non-professionals create video content easily, the real value is where AI can be used as a choice, a style, with intent to create with almost 100% precision the shots that live in the professional video editor’s head. But it is definitely a tool that saves the user a lot of time and money.

Revolutionizing Video Editing with AI Tools:

Synthesia is doing a great job with providing realistic avatars as replacement for speakers in talking head videos. It’s almost become useless to shoot a direct to camera tutorial if you can afford their service. We use it exclusively now for one of our clients who is a major player in the clinical trial simulation-based training market.

OpenAI’s Sora has blown everyone away this year with its text to video content generation. This service isn’t yet available to the public, but I can say with much confidence that it’s going to become a must have tool in any video editor’s arsenal. Gone will be the days where we used to search for a specific, very hard to find and very expensive to license stock footage to illustrate a particular piece of copy.

In fact, stock videographers will probably need to look through their stock footage portfolio and take out a bunch of non-generic footage since AI is probably going to handle that on a subscription-based service. Or they can always go to war with AI and try to shoot very artistic, specific, compelling, and original stock.

Embracing the Symbiosis of Human and AI in Content Creation:

There’s a symbiosis happening right now where content creators employ AI generated video content as a style rather than a tool to replace going out and shooting real live content.

When me and my partner Alex founded VideoWorks we never expected AI to take over content creation this fast. And I’m glad it’s happening at such a rapid pace because as AI generated content evolves one thing becomes clearer and clearer: you still require that magical human touch to create emotionally compelling storytelling.

So, here’s the symbiosis that’s forming: video editor feels, thinks, prompts and AI generates. This helps to save a bunch of precious time for our clients. Well, at least it will. With all the strives AI has made in the past years, there is still more love for videos featuring human live action. This is still true for cinema and video content marketing as well. Stylistically, AI generated video is a trend. Functionally, it is a time saver for sure.